By John Surdakowski,
Jan 14, 2020

Best Shopify Plus Add-ons

Best Shopify Plus Add-ons

Shopify has over 2,400 apps available, on average a Shopify store uses only 6. It’s difficult to decipher what SaaS app is best for your business. Below is a list of the best Shopify add-ons available to assist you in your eCommerce journey on Shopify


Klaviyo is more than an automated mailing system. It’s a support system that gathers data to help businesses become customer-centric superheroes, one email at a time. Unlike many other email systems, Klaviyo seamlessly pulls data from your eCommerce platform, POS System and other marketing tools for endless marketing segmentation possibilities. Klaviyo has an added bonus of providing revenue information received from your email campaigns or ad automation. 

Cost: Rates based on usage


Yopto is the swizz army knife of brand-building tools. Offering social media compatibility for reviews, the option to create custom loyalty programs for your most loyal customers and a customizable campaign program. Allowing your customers to become your competitive advantage.  Yotpo integrates with today’s leading eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magneto, and BigCommerce.  

Cost: Free option or  growth plan starting at $29+/mo


Gorgias needs no introduction, it’s the highest-rated customer service tool on Shopify. Giving users the option to respond to consumer email, social media comments, live chat, and phone customers all in one place in real-time. Now that you understand how much more efficient you can be; Gorgias also supports your customer support team by providing order edits, customer subscription changes, and loyalty program adjustments all within the app. 

Cost: $50/mo


Get to know your customers personally. Nosto utilizes AI technology to analyze your customer’s behavior across multiple channels. This creates unique data to personalize content for potential customers. 

 Cost: Starting rate of $1000+/mo


Optimizely is a data-driven experimentation platform. Optimizely enables businesses to gather information from testing to create a customized customer experience. Trusted by top businesses in the industry such as eBay and IBM, Optimizely has continued to create the best digital experiences for customers. 

Cost: $50,000/yr


Shipstation is a merchant’s delivery solution platform. Connecting merchants to multiple delivery carriers, comparing shipping rates as well as delivery estimates in real-time.  No longer will a business have to manually add all the shipping information for their orders; Shipstation integrates with most marketplaces and shopping carts.

Cost: Starting rate of  $9/mo 


Give your consumers peace of mind, Aftership offers accurate and proactive tracking updates on your customer packages. With Aftership users can create custom emails, push notifications, and the option to create a tracking page as a way to engage with your customers post-sale. 

Cost: Starting rate of $10/mo


Recharge builds your business through the art of subscriptions. Giving your buyers the option to choose a subscription vs. a one-time purchase. Offering the subscribed product at a cheaper rate to encourage subscription rates. Buyers then have the power to update,  edit delivery occurrence, and remove subscriptions at any time once an account is created. Recharge also gives your users the option to mix their cart of subscribed products and one-time purchase products. 

Cost: $39.99+/mo + cost per transaction 


Remove the guesswork of how your website is performing. Hotjar gives users the opportunity to understand exactly how their customers interact with their website. Hotjar provides a visual element to decode your insights, by utilizing heatmaps, web recordings as a customer navigates through your website, and a conversion tunnel analyzer. 

Cost: Starting rate $29.99+

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