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Apr 22, 2019

5 Growth Marketing Ideas for Beauty Brands

5 Growth Marketing Ideas for Beauty Brands

Growth marketing is the practice of attracting and retaining customers to consistently increase profits year-over-year. Attracting customers is great, but growth marketing is more focused on conversion and the average lifetime value of a customer.

Beauty brands have an advantage in this space, as loyal customers will continue to buy products on a regular basis for years. The hardest part is getting their attention in the first place.

Read on to learn about the five essential growth marketing strategies beauty brands can use to put their best face forward and win the battle for the loyalty of Millenial and Generation Z shoppers.

Brand Building

A key to long-term growth for beauty brands is brand building. A strong brand stands out and will attract customers to you faster than you put on your night cream

  • Put a unique spin on a trend. Beauty for the People was inspired by the juice bars that dotted the corner of every Los Angeles neighborhood. Instead of adding to the noise, they created unique anti-aging products with juice-based recipes.
  • Talk to your customers. Glossier is an excellent example of how to foster community. They have a Slack channel for their best customers and use their suggestions to create new products and improve existing ones.
  • Create eye-catching packaging. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd of products crammed together on a store shelf. Design your products to catch attention in-store and you’ve won a large part of the battle to get noticed.

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5 Growth Marketing Ideas for Beauty Brands

Influencer Marketing

In a crowded space like beauty, influencer marketing is an excellent way to build trust and drive sales for your brand.

Morphe Cosmetics (formerly Morphe Brushes) is an example of a brand that quickly became an empire solely by investing in influencer marketing.

Morphe began by providing free brushes to YouTube beauty vloggers in exchange for a review. This caught the attention of big-name influencers like James Charles and Jaclyn Hill, who collaborated with the brand to create new products.

Not influencers are created equal. The goal of your influencer marketing will determine who to reach out to.  Here’s a quick rundown of who to reach out to based on your marketing goals according to Mention:

  • Promote a new product launch: Industry experts and niche influencers with significant reach
  • Get conversions: Mix of the top, mid-level, and micro-influencers across various relevant niches
  • Increase awareness: Top influencers with massive reach
  • Build trust: Niche influencers known for creating authentic content
  • Drive engagement: Relevant micro-influencers with high engagement rates
  • Boost brand sentiment: Influencers known for honest and authentic content on any level

Your budget for influencer marketing will depend on the size of the audience you are looking to reach. If you’re just starting out, bigger is not always better.

Beauty brands should target influencers on YouTube and Instagram.

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5 Growth Marketing Ideas for Beauty Brands

Social Media Marketing

There are many reasons to love social media marketing; it’s inexpensive to use and easy to reach very targeted audiences. Facebook and Instagram are the most beneficial marketing platforms for beauty brands.


Most website visitors aren’t ready to buy on their first visit to your website. A retargeting ad shows Facebook users who recently cruised your website an ad in their Facebook feed. The more exposure potential shoppers have to your brand, the more likely they are to buy.

Here are a couple of ways you can use Facebook retargeting ads to improve conversions:

  • Offer a discount to customers who abandoned their carts
  • Show images of products they viewed on your site with Dynamic Retargeting Ads


Instagram is a great place for brands to market. 62% of Instagram users follow brands on the app, and over 70% admit to searching for brands there as well.

The platform is well-known for creating a buzz about relatively unknown brands. Reaching out to influencers on Instagram makes it easy to build awareness of your product with a small budget.

Skincare brand Youth to the People got its start on Instagram by sending some free products to IG users. Within a couple of months, their products became Insta-famous and Sephora contacted them to begin carrying the anti-aging products in their stores.

Producing successful Instagram content consists of these key elements:

  • Know your customers: Study the competition and take note of posts that get the most likes and comments.
  • Create a cohesive visual theme: Use the same filters and photography style. Also, consider how photos look next to each other in your feed. Some IG users do the same style for every other post, creating a visually striking pattern.
  • Schedule your posts: Use a social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite to make sure you’re posting to the platform consistently.

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5 Growth Marketing Ideas for Beauty Brands

Email Marketing

We’ve saved the most profitable marketing tips for last. Email marketing has the highest ROI of any other channel; Campaign Monitor reports ROI can be as high as 4400%, generating $44 in revenue for every dollar spent.

The great thing about email marketing is its scalability. You can create an automated email sequence for just about every scenario you can think of, allowing you to focus less on marketing and more on your business.

Klaviyo is an email marketing program built for e-commerce companies. The dashboard allows you to see how much revenue each campaign is generating through integrations with e-commerce platforms like Shopify Plus. You can also create Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns on the platform.

At a minimum, create the following email sequences to help you get started:

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Post-Purchase
  • Winback
  • Reorder Reminders

Wrapping It Up

By following the suggestions above, your brand will leave a lasting impression in the minds of potential shoppers. Invest in the experience, don’t compete on price, and your customers will help you continue to be successful for years to come. If you need help creating a long-term marketing strategy for your brand, contact us today to get started.