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Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads to Boost Revenue

Although its pay-per-click social advertising platform is relatively new, Facebook is quickly gaining ground on Google as a premier platform for marketers who want to reach new customers. But unfortunately, even though lots of business owners understand that Facebook Ads are a big opportunity, they aren’t sure how to get started.

Internet marketing trends

5 Internet Marketing Trends in 2017

Now that we’re firmly into November and the holiday season is almost upon us, business owners and marketers are beginning to turn their attention to the future. Specifically, many are wondering whether they are properly prepared for the internet marketing trends that will dominate 2017 and beyond.

Launch A Fashion Brand

4 Tips To Launch A Fashion Brand

Devising a brand strategy for any kind of business can be difficult, but in the world of fashion there are additional challenges. For one thing, trends change quickly. And for another, fashion tends to be subjective, meaning that one person can love a look or product while another might not. Add in the intense competitive pressures that exist between designers and retailers, and it’s easy to see why so many in the clothing, style, and accessory business struggle to stitch together a winning formula. How can you avoid common missteps when you launch a fashion brand? Here are 4 quick and easy tips you can follow

ecommerce user experience

10 Tips For Better Ecommerce User Experience

For online retailers, providing a solid ecommerce user experience isn’t just a preference or a good idea – it’s an absolute necessity. After all, if shoppers don’t like your website, they’ll take their time and money elsewhere without ever telling you why.

How to Make Money with Instagram

How to Make Money with Instagram

When you think of social networking, the first things that come to mind are cat videos and political arguments. However, these sites are actually great places to make money. The photo sharing site Instagram in particular has phenomenal potential for turning a profit. Read on to learn how to make money with Instagram.

Young developers working in their start-up home office. They are brainstorming, woman holding pencil and writing while talking with her coworker. They are collaborating. Top view. Location is released.

Avex Recognized as Top Digital Agency

We’ve served some top brand clients like HBO, Google and USA Network, providing custom websites, e-commerce solutions, user experience design and much more. Not only do our clients love us, but we’ve recently received some additional third-party recognition from B2B market research firm, Clutch. Clutch, based in Washington D.C., finds and evaluates digital agencies around […]

How to use snapchat for business

How to Use Snapchat for Business

If you’re not familiar with Snapchat, you should be. This instant messaging app has over 150 million users worldwide as of September 2016. While many of its users are teenagers, Snapchat represents a rich market for companies. Read on to learn how to use Snapchat for business.

Best Practices For Mobile Ecommerce

Best Practices For Mobile E-commerce

In 2016, mobile compatibility isn’t an add-on for your online store; it’s a basic requirement. If your shoppers can’t get a great experience when using a smartphone or tablet, they are likely to take their business to one of your competitors.

Luxury e-Commerce Websites

The Lowdown on Luxury e-Commerce Websites

The Lowdown on Luxury e-Commerce Websites: Selling luxury goods and services has long been a challenge for retailers. They must identify a small segment of the market and then determine what marketing techniques will appeal to these shoppers.