Simmons Bedding

Catching some Zzz’s. Avex helps Simmons Bedding take the brand direct-to-consumer on Shopify Plus.

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  • UX/UI Design
  • ERP Integrations
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  • Yotpo
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Simmons Bedding has been one of the leading mattress companies for over 150 years. Since their inception, the brand has stood for uncompromising American-assembled quality and innovation. The Simmons brand has always sold to retailers and did not have a DTC presence. The team at Serta Simmons Bedding needed a new e-commerce solution that is easy to manage, optimized for conversions, fast to market, and integrated with their legacy ERP system.


The Results

Avex launched the new DTC Simmons website with speed-to-market and integrations to support their business requirements.

  • DTC

    Less than 4 months

  • OHM

    ERP Integration

Growing Sales

Immediate sales out of the gate, Simmons continues to grow their DTC channel.

The Solution

Avex worked closely with the Simmons team on e-commerce strategy, user-experience and platform, SaaS discovery, and technology planning with a focus on ERP integration.

Together, we decided that Shopify Plus would be the perfect e-commerce platform to take the brand direct-to-consumer without the need for a bloated and overly complex enterprise commerce solution.

Our strategists helped Simmons plan customer journeys, integrate SaaS products such as Yotpo, Blueshift and OneTrust, and design and develop a seamless user-experience on Shopify Plus.

Additionally, Avex created a custom middleware solution to connect their legacy ERP system OHM to the new Shopify Plus backend. Our solution engineers worked closely with Simmons’s IT team to build, deploy, and support their ERP integrations.


Our UX designers and e-commerce strategists planned out the customer journey, creating an initiative and seamless shopping experience.


Informative PDPs

A strong emphasis on providing valuable information to the customer, supporting their buying decisions, and optimizing the PDP for conversions.

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The brand’s primary demographic was shopping on mobile, so we took a mobile-first approach to design the user-experience. Lightning fast page speed. Built on the Shopify Plus platform.

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