By John Surdakowski,
Jun 19, 2013

Web Design Conferences 2013

I decided to put together a little list of some web design conferences 2013 that you should check out. Right now there are not many listed for 2013, so I did my best. This way you’ll have a lot time to plan. I know for some of us freelancers, it’s rough to step away from the computer, but you can consider this work! Kinda…

Web Design Conferences are a great way to meet other creative professionals, network and learn new skills for your trade. Most can be pretty expensive. So if you’re a freelancer, you may need to fork up some cash. But if you’re a full timer – BARF! (just kidding), you can try to convince your boss to foot the bill.

Recently I went to the Reasons To Be Creative conference in NYC and it was an awesome experience. I got to hear Jeffery Zeldman speak and he schooled everyone on putting the user first. I learned a lot and met some cool people.

This article has been updated on 06/19/13, with some more 2013 web design conferences. I’ll try to add to it as more dates are released.

Web Design Conferences 2013

Below are some of the top web design conferences in 2013.

How Design Live – San Francisco, CA – June 22-26 2013

An Event Part – Washington DC – August 5-7, 2013

An Event Part – Chicago – August 26-28, 2013

Future of Web Design – New York, NY | October 7-9, 2013

Web Design Conferences 2013

Future of Web Apps – London, UK | October 23-25, 2013

Inspire Conf – Sao Paolo – Oct. 2-4, 2013

Past Web Design Conferences

An Event Apart – San Diego, CA – May 20th – 22nd 2013

Mobile + Web DevCon – San Francisco, CA – Jan. 29-31, 2013

FITC Amsterdam 2013 – Feb. 18-19, 2013 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

An Event Apart Atlanta 2013 – Atlanta, GA (InterContinental) – Feb. 18-20, 2013

SXSW – Austin Texas – March 8-12 2013

An Event Apart – Seattle – April 1-3 2013

The Future of Web Design – New York – Oct 22-24 2012

This conference is actually in Oct 2012. But it’s a really big one.

CSS Dev Conference – Honolulu, Hawaii – Dec. 5, 2012

JS Conf Downunder – Sydney, Australia (Town Hall) – Nov. 15, 2012