By John Surdakowski,
Aug 30, 2012

W3C Releases Updated Working Draft of CSS3 Text Module

August 14th 2012, the W3C released an updated working draft of the CSS3 Text Module.

There have been several changes since the January 2012 version.

Major changes

  • Removed the ‘avoid’ value of ‘text-wrap’, since it doesn’t work very well with the fact that ‘text-wrap’ inherits.
  • Dropped the ‘text-wrap’ and ‘text-space-collapse’, leaving behind only the CSS2.1 ‘white-space’ property.
  • Removed ‘text-transform: full-size-kana’.
  • Disallowed combinations of values in ‘text-transform’.

Additional updates

  • Defined aliasing of ‘word-wrap’ and ‘overflow-wrap’.
  • Defined interaction of alignment/indentation and ‘unicode-bidi: plaintext’.
  • Added ‘text-align: match-parent’ to elements.
  • Improved terminology and clarified behavior in many instances.
  • Defined that ‘text-transform’ casing operations only affect letters.
  • Removed concept of “typographic modes”.

According to a post on the CSS Working Group’s blog, this should be the last working draft before the CSS3 Text module progresses to the last call stage of development.

All currently known open issues with the specification are listed on the CSS Working Group’s Issue Tracker here.

Check out the Working Group’s public mailing list