By avex,
Nov 9, 2016

How to Use Snapchat for Business

How to Use Snapchat for Business

If you’re not familiar with Snapchat, you should be. This instant messaging app has over 150 million users worldwide as of September 2016. While many of its users are teenagers, Snapchat represents a rich market for companies. Read on to learn how to use Snapchat for business.

Team up with Influencers

Influencers are users with thousands of followers. These followers hold influencers in high esteem – they look to them for judgement on the latest trends. Every platform has influencers, and Snapchat is no exception.

Businesses can partner with influencers to the advantage of both. It’s simple: they need to identify influencers who are a good fit for their brands and reach out to them to create a relationship in which the influencer promotes the brand.

For example, an influencer in the field of fitness would be an excellent match for an athletic clothing brand. He or she would wear the brand in posts and highlight the benefits of products. This is an excellent was to use Snapchat for business.

Share Live Events 

Your customers or followers want to interact with your brand, but they might not be able to due to geographical constraints. Snapchat solves that problem.

The NBA provides businesses with a case study in how to use Snapchat. During the 2014 draft, the NBA launched its Snapchat account. Fans were able to interact with players, giving them an opportunity they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Distribute Promo Codes or Coupons 

Everyone loves a bargain. Snapchat users are no exceptions. The platform serves as a fantastic way to share promo codes or coupons.

New York’s 16 Handles ice cream shop did just that in 2013. It launched a promotion in which users snapped pictures of themselves eating ice cream in store. After posting the snap, 16 Handles would send them a coupon for ice cream. The only catch was that they had 10 seconds to show it to the cashier before the snap disappeared.

Humanize Your Brand

People tend to think of firms as faceless, soulless corporate entities. Even small businesses can fall prey to this stereotype. Snapchat helps companies change that.

Employees can share pictures of themselves going about their work day. These snaps show followers that the business employs real, live human beings. Customers are more likely to have a relationship with a firm that shows its humanity than one that doesn’t. Just remember to keep all snaps appropriate for younger audiences, as teens make up the largest user demographic of Snapchat.

Demonstrate Your Product

This is a wonderful technique if you’re releasing a new product or if you’re new in the market. A snap of a product demo can reach many potential customers.

At the beginning of 2016, Amazon did just that. It used Snapchat to demonstrate its Echo speakers with the female persona Alexa. On Amazon’s part, this was a terrific move, because there had been some confusion about Echo and Alexa.

Snapchat’s popularity and ease of use make it a robust marketing platform. Any business can take advantage of it to reach new and existing customers.