By John Surdakowski,
Nov 5, 2019

Top 10 eCommerce Sites

Top 10 eCommerce Sites

You can get anything delivered.

Those pre-prepped meals you’re too busy to make, a giant teddy bear or your new entertainment system with installation. Why leave your house? 

But what makes an eCommerce website great? In many cases that “ wow factor” is in the eyes of the beholder but based on user experience and functionality, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 most effective eCommerce sites. All in which have easy to use navigation, high-quality imagery, and a simple check out process. 

10. O.N.S

O.N.S  features a sleek and clean design for their e-commerce website, corresponding with their brand identity. An easy to navigate system with a side filtering option on every page.  O.N.S’ also features a mobile-friendly responsive UX designs.

9. Thinx

Thinx instantly gives consumers a sense of their brand identity, emphasizing the culture of inclusion. A pop-up feature appears once you open the site, encouraging users to join their community. Thinx does well in letting their website visitors know who they are, what their product is and what this product can do for you.  Although the website has many unique UX designs and interactions including a video, it maintains a fast load time.

8. SoYoung

An environmentally conscious company whose target market of moms and children is clearly depicted. This website uses a great deal of white space which focuses a user’s eyes on the product. A simple and clean Shopify website that is easy to navigate for your family needs.


Haus has a website that makes users want to explore every aspect of it. An aesthetically pleasing website with high-quality photos and infinite scroll. Haus features a limited selection of products but once clicked goes in-depth about exactly what the product contains and provides recipes, giving buyers incitive to purchase. 

6. Press

Press is a vibrant health and diet focused brand. Featuring numerous cleanses, detox options, and juice sets. Press offers and interesting delivery option; allowing buyers the choice of delivery date to align with their diet goals. A unique option that many eCommerce stores do not include. Press understands their target audience and built a website to support their consumer needs. 

5. Master & Dynamic

A high-end audio company that provides best in class quality sound headphones. Another Shopify website with limited products but detailed information featuring everything an interested buyer needs to know about this product. An easy navigation bar featuring each product they sell in the navigation, so the user knows exactly what to expect once arriving at the page selected. This website does well in informing potential customers about their products. 

4. Raven Roxanne

An artist’s playground filled with vibrant colors and creativity. Unlike many eCommerce stores, Raven Roxanne features limited edition products only. Once this item is sold, it will never go back in stock. The only simple design is the website, using a plain white background to highlight the art it’s selling. 

3. Mignon

Once featured in Shopy’s list of websites for inspiration, this website features all the little things you didn’t know you needed until now. A descriptive navigation bar to help consumers locate their needs. This is a light website who aims to pull the arts and crafts out of all of us. 

2. Happiness Abscissa

A minimalist website featuring only three main pages of airy and fun designs.  Happiness Absicassa’s product line is comprised of three key scent collections.  Each collection features a distinctive design giving the user a background story to each product.  Happiness Absicassa’s website admirably sells their personality along with their product. 

1. Bliss

Bliss has perfected telling a story; with its content and vibrant colors that seamlessly transcends onto their social platforms. Bliss uses the consume feedback feature to their advantage, with on-site reviews on every product. Giving consumers the opportunity to make their own decisions and share their honest opinions.  Bliss usage of color coordination coupled with video demonstration of the product cleverly encourages users to buy entire product lines. 

Final Thoughts

The featured company websites all tell a story making it clear who they are as a brand. Attracting their audience with aesthetics, content and unique experience that aligns with their values. Although these brands vary in industry and success level they all have a similar website focus: customer-centered. Building a site around the consumers has given many of these brands lifetime loyal customers who trust in the product and their vision.