By John Surdakowski,
Apr 12, 2012

New Air-Like MacBook Pro

New Apple MacBook Features Leaked

If you’ve been following the rumors about the new iMacs and MacBook Pros, you’ll be happy to hear that you’re wait might be over! There have been reports from multiple sources that suggest Apple will release New Air-Like MacBook Pros within the next three weeks. One report is from Tai­wanese pub­li­ca­tion Dig­iTimes, who state that new iMacs will be com­ing as soon as June with anti-reflective glass screens.

Reports as also coming in about a new, slimmer, Air-like MacBook Pro, with an optical drive, to be released later this month. This seems very likely since most third party resellers are showing limited stock or are sold-out completely of 15in MBP. Usually this is done to clear inventory for a new line of products. The Apple online store was also down for a short amount of time the other day. It is possible Apple was prepping the online store for the new refresh.

There are many rumors going around, but all signs point to new MacBook Pros and new iMacs coming VERY soon. Personally, I can’t wait. I’ve had my MBP for almost two years. In technology years, that is ancient.

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— John