By avex,
Nov 30, 2016

5 Internet Marketing Trends in 2017

5 Internet Marketing Trends in 2017

Now that we’re firmly into November and the holiday season is almost upon us, business owners and marketers are beginning to turn their attention to the future. Specifically, many are wondering whether they are properly prepared for the internet marketing trends that will dominate 2017 and beyond.

Of course, no one has a crystal ball that will allow them to predict exactly what internet marketing trends will be popular in the coming months and years, but here are five  Internet Marketing Trends that are already picking up steam and seem bound to make an even bigger impact in the near future…

#1 Local and Niche Search Engine Optimization

The web is getting more crowded, and searchers are becoming more demanding. As a result, Google and the other search engines are taking steps to give users exactly what they want with every query, rather than sticking to generalized formulas and algorithms. Your job as a marketer is to make it clear exactly whom your company can help, both in terms of geography and market niche.

#2 Mobile-First Web Design and Marketing

You have probably heard that mobile smart phone and tablet users already make up a majority of web traffic. What you may not realize is that they could end up representing two-thirds of your website visitors within the next couple of years. Knowing that, marketers are adopting a mobile-first approach to design and campaign management. If the bulk of your visits are coming from customers who are on the go, why not give them exactly what they want from your website?

#3 Accelerated Mobile Page Enabled Content

This is related to mobile-first web design, but in a different way. By optimizing the HTML code behind blog posts and other pieces of content to help it load more quickly on smaller screens, you can boost your ranking on Google’s newsfeed, not to mention Facebook. The changes mainly involve the way forms, photos, and comments are handled. A professional web design team can help you implement them quickly and inexpensively.

#4 Premium Hosting and SSL

Dollar for dollar, it’s hard to think of a better improvement you can make to your website than upgraded web hosting. By spending a little more each month, you can get faster page loading times, automatic backups, and better protection from thieves and hackers. Plus, premium hosting comes with SSL capability, which was recently indicated as a search signal by Google’s engineers (meaning secure websites can rank more highly in the search listings).

#5 A Tighter Focus on Conversions and ROI

It used to be that a lot of companies were simply content to have a good website. Now more than ever, though, business owners and executives are trying to figure out what kinds of returns they are getting from the investments they are making in Internet marketing (or in some cases, the returns they should be getting). Few companies have extra money to throw around, so it only makes sense to start taking a deeper dive into your web analytics to see whether you’re actually getting the kind of ROI you deserve.

If your website and Internet marketing plan aren’t already optimized for the changes that are going to take place in 2017 and beyond, now is the perfect time to speak with our team and see how we can help. With one simple meeting, you could get detailed advice that’s specific to your business. Contact us today to set a time to talk!