By avex,
Sep 5, 2017

How to Increase Online Sales for your E-commerce Brand

How to Increase Online Sales for your E-commerce Brand

Everything you do to increase online sales on your e-commerce website costs you money. The costs may be direct: you may be paying for Google AdWords or Facebook ads. You may also be paying to create great content for your Facebook page and blog. Then, you get traffic because people are clicking on the links. Even if you do the work yourself and even if you get traffic because you go to an event and spread the word about your company, it takes time and resources to do the work and to network. For this reason you want to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes when it comes to converting your visitors into buyers.

Not Everyone Will Buy Right Away

When a visitor comes to your website, browses around and then leaves without making a purchase, essentially you are wasting money. At the same, not everyone is ready to buy right there and now. A lot of fashion companies try to solve this issue with more Facebook ads and retargeting. The problem here is that a visitor may have looked at some items but he or she doesn’t really want them or need them. This doesn’t mean that he or she won’t ever buy anything from your company in the future. All it means is that this very product at this very time was not a good fit.

Create An Ideal Scenario

The best-case scenario for your business is to capture as much information about every prospect that visits your website. Then, segment prospects based on certain criteria, for example, age, income or location. Next, build a meaningful relationship with them that help increase online sales.

It is true that most fashion brands do try and capture the emails. However, they mostly do it in a really boring and unexciting ways. The most common offers they have on their websites are “sign up and get X% off” and “enter your email to receive news and updates.”

Think Like Your Customer

Think about how you would behave if you were a prospective customer. When you are looking to buy an item, let’s say high-quality leather shoes, you are probably looking at several websites at the same time. You have multiple tabs open in your browser. You see something that you like in an e-commerce store of company you’ve never heard about before.

Are you really interested in getting news and updates from them? Most likely, no. You are busy and you don’t know them. This is not a very compelling offer.

Are you interested in getting X% off? Sure, everyone is, but the higher up the affluence ladder you go, the less small amounts of money matter. If you are selling high-quality items at high or even average prices, getting $20 or $30 off will not make a big difference for your customers.

However, when you try to start a relationship with talking about discounts, you send a message to your prospects and buyers that your prices are not firm. Here’s what your prospects will be thinking: “They are offering me 10% off already. What if I don’t buy today? Will they offer me 20% off tomorrow? 30% off the day after tomorrow? Let’s wait and see.”

How do you solve this issue in order to increase online sales? Offer something of non-monetary value to your visitors. For example, to those who are looking for shoes, you could offer a guide about X things every person that is considering high-quality dress leather shoes needs to know. If your brand is about the latest trends, offer a guide “Fashion trends of the winter/summer of 201X you must know about before you buy any new clothing.”

Advantages Of Creative Offers

One of the biggest advantages of having an exciting, compelling offer on your e-commerce fashion website is that the offer applies even to visitors that are not sure they want to buy from you. A person may be looking at several websites at a time. Then, they see your guide or report. They will be interested even if and when they are not ready to buy. This means that you will capture more contacts and will be able to position yourself as an authority to more visitors. And when they are ready to buy, you will be on their mind because you’ve done something very different from your competition that is offering 10% discounts off the first order.

It’s easy to avoid simple mistakes that prevent an increase in online sales. Think like a customer and analyze your sales as a process. When someone doesn’t buy right away, it doesn’t mean that they won’t buy ever. Capture their information and keep marketing to them. Make your advertising and marketing captivating and attractive. Finally, from arriving to your website to making a purchase, all the steps need to be simple, easy and intuitive.