By Morgan C,
Oct 11, 2018

How Fashion Brands Can Benefit from Shopify Plus

How Fashion Brands Can Benefit from Shopify Plus

The fashion and apparel industry has seen recent year-over-year growth in sales, with even greater spending anticipated in the coming years. According to The Fashion and Apparel Industry Report, revenues over the next few years are projected to increase as follows: 

  • $481 billion in 2018
  • $545 billion in 2019
  • $606 billion in 2020
  • $662 billion in 2021
  • $713 billion in 2022

If trends continue as anticipated, this means global fashion and apparel revenues will increase by about a third over the next five years. McKinsey & Company reports that almost  80% of luxury sales are digitally influenced, which means your online and social marketing efforts are more important than ever.

With Shopify Plus you have the opportunity to elevate and expand your fashion brand as well as find new and exciting ways to compete with a growing market, retain patronage, and increase outreach and sales.  What is Shopify Plus and what benefits can you gain by using it to bolster your business? Here’s what you need to know.Avex Designs - Shopify Plus and analytics discussion table

What Is Shopify Plus?

If you’re already familiar with Shopify, an e-commerce platform designed to help retailers (or anyone, really) make the leap to online operations with ease, you know that it allows you to move branding, promotion, and sales into virtual space with your own unique style and the sophistication needed to cater to modern, savvy consumers. Shopify Plus takes it to the next level with a platform specifically designed for enterprise level developments.

This means growing companies will enjoy access to a variety of scalable solutions designed to grow and adapt as needed.  Satisfied customers include trendy labels like Rebecca Minkoff, MVMT, Kylie, and KITH – high-volume brands that need an e-commerce platform designed to evolve with them.  Shopify is ready to provide the same services and benefits for your fashion brand.

Shopify in Action

What can you expect when you partner with Shopify Plus for your e-commerce needs?  Let’s start by looking at what other companies have reportedly gained by partnering with this platform.

– Beard & Blade Supply Co. – doubled wholesale within a year

– Blenders Eyewear – saw 10 times the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales

– Bombas – growth of 300% annually plus annual savings of $108,000

– Hawkers – scaled up to over 10,000 orders daily

– LeSportsac – grew orders by 37% with multi-channel e-commerce

– MMA Warehouse – saves $400,000 in development annually after replatforming

– MVMT – grew $60 million watch empire with social and mobile selling

– Peepers – increased conversions by 30% with customized checkout

Using the features offered by the Shopify Plus platform, these and many other companies are able to increase outreach, conversions, sales, and more. Shopify Plus is especially beneficial when used as part of a larger growth strategy, as this platform can help to support a wide range of growth initiatives. Shopify Plus merchants report year-over-year growth of 126% on average.  With 3,600 merchants and counting already using Shopify Plus to grow bigger, faster, it’s time to ask yourself what you’re missing out on.
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Desirable Features for Fashion Brands

Shopify Plus is a lot more than a simple online storefront. The benefits only begin with a customizable storefront, checkout, and backend systems. You can also use it to:

– Add, update, and manage products with an intuitive interface that’s easy for employees to interact with

– Automate marketing campaigns and product drops

– Automate IT tasks like monitoring and maintenance

– Integrate with social, mobile, and marketing channels so you can launch new sales channels (over 20 within a single enterprise dashboard), not to mention payment gateways (over 100)

– Customize the customer experience with dedicated storefronts for international sales, complete with multiple languages and currencies

– Grant high-volume customers access to wholesale channels to personalize interactions with your brand

– and more

Is Shopify Plus Right for My Brand?

Shopify Plus works great for many brands, but is it right for yours?  You’ll be hard pressed to find a reason why your fashion brand shouldn’t team up with Shopify Plus, considering the high-volume, high growth potential.  Merchants using Shopify Plus, including high-volume brands and Fortune 500 companies, report sales revenues ranging from $1-500 million, and the Shopify platform contributes to their success.

In short, it’s everything you want your enterprise e-commerce platform to be, complete with the speed, reliability, and scalability required to enhance and elevate your brand online.  With 24/7, one-on-one, dedicated support to ensure you never have to go it alone, you’re sure to see increasing successes when you add Shopify Plus to your growth strategy.

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