How A Good Customer Experience Can Increase Sales

How A Good Customer Experience Can Increase Sales
by: Morgan C12/27/2018

Quick Summary Considering email marketing for fashion brands is just as important as your maintaining merchandise and running your store. You have to connect with your customers in ways that encourage them to buy. But, what are the best ways to do this that will guarantee results?

We all know happy customers who can easily find what they’re looking for will be more inclined to purchase your products. Yet, with the advent of online shopping, targeted marketing, and ecommerce in general, the process of providing quality customer service has changed significantly. Here are some ways on how to provide a good customer experience to increase e-commerce sales.

Having a Great Sales Associate Helps (Even If It’s a Bot)

One reason many people choose shopping at brick and mortar locations over online is the need to have a salesperson guide their purchase. Purchasing something online — especially clothing — often lacks that critical second opinion, which is a problem. Consumers need a push to go from “thinking about it” to buying. This can lead to lots of abandoned carts. But as more companies integrate artificial intelligence into their marketing strategies, this is quickly changing.

Just look at what happened when North Face joined forces with IBM. With the snap of a finger, IBM’s Watson technology can create an analytic profile from customer data. According to IBM, personalized service and product recommendations through AI showed vast improvements in customer engagement and service. Customers spend an average of two minutes with the AI and have a 60% click through rate on those suggested products. Not to mention the fact that AI never needs to miss a single day of work.

ecommerce improves customer service

ecommerce improves customer service

Trust Matters

As your customers move towards the final steps of their online purchase, you want them to feel confident. Adding customer reviews can be helpful, as they can further sell your product and establish your history as a reliable vendor. And anyone who uses an ecommerce platform like Shopify can add a live chat box to their online shopping experience. Customers love live chat because it allows them to ask questions and immediately get an answer instead of waiting on the phone. It’s also worth looking into AI live chat options, which are getting more and more advanced with each passing year.

Checking Out: Simplified

Can your checkout process lose a few steps? Sometimes, it’s best to diagnose this problem by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and noting ways you can streamline the process. Does your online shopping experience require a login? Take a cue from Apple and use a guest checkout option. Do you have an option that allows the customer to automatically re-enter their delivery address as their billing address? These little extra steps might not seem like much, but they might be what comes between your customers and a purchase. Even a progress bar that guides the customer through the buying process may make them more inclined to finish their purchase.

ecommerce improves customer service

ecommerce improves customer service

Showcase Your Products

Another reason a customer may choose a physical store over your online shopping experience? They want to see the product before buying it. This is why good product photography and copywriting can make all the difference. A poorly worded product description or an unclear video or photo undersells your product and makes your business appear unreliable. Use online resources to improve your photography skills (like this one) or hire professionals to do it for you, and make sure the writing on your site is effective.

Upsell, Upsell, Upsell (Or, Cross Sell)

Whether it’s connecting people to the items they really want, or pointing them towards items they didn’t know they needed, there’s great value in upselling or cross selling. Letting customers know they have an option to upgrade their purchase before they click “buy” can save them buyer’s remorse and significantly boost your sales in the process.

Likewise, a list of suggested items related to the item a customer is buying makes a convincing argument to get everything you need in one order. Ecommerce service Shopify offers numerous plug-ins to help vendors integrate upsell and cross sell options into your store layout.

Improve sales by utilizing these customer service tricks on your ecommerce website.

ecommerce improves customer service