Agency X Podcast: The Future of E-commerce & Digital

by: David Anzalone05/15/2020

Quick Summary Over the past few weeks on the Agency X Podcast, we sat down with some of our industry-leading partners to better understand how COVID-19 is changing the game for e-commerce. This time, we brought the conversation in-house with our founder John Surdakowski. This is our third and final episode dedicated to COVID!

Agency X Podcast: The Future of E-commerce & Digital

Many verticals, such as fashion and luxury, are hurting while plenty of others are booming. We discuss why and how certain brands have best managed this crisis through communication, content marketing, and value-driven decision making. Among the many lessons learned from this on-going global event, one is that brands need to diversify their supply chain, making use of both foreign and domestic sources. The sentiment that actions speak louder than words has never been more true as consumers likely won’t care or remember what brands are saying, but rather pay attention to how they’re handling the situation.

We also talk about the impact from an agency perspective and how this is the time to show thought leadership to clients. More companies need to think about their growth strategies and think smarter, not bigger, when it comes to expanding teams and services. Ultimately, we believe that regardless of what the coming months look like, this year will be one of the greatest and most important for the e-commerce industry!

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