Agency X Podcast: Flexibility is the Winning Strategy for CX E-commerce in COVID-19

by: David Anzalone04/27/2020

Quick Summary On the Agency X podcast, we had a virtual call with Lucas Walker from Gorgias to discuss how having a smarter and more adaptive customer experience policy during crises such as COVID-19 is the winning strategy e-commerce brands need to employ.

Agency X Podcast: Winning with an Adaptive Customer Experience Strategy in COVID-19

We’re no strangers to the importance of customer experience (CX) in e-commerce. A brand’s interaction with its customers are now more important than ever given the continued pervasive Coronavirus pandemic. So, this week on the Agency X Podcast, I sit down virtually and at a safe social distance with Lucas Walker from Gorgias as we talk about how brands need to be flexible and adaptive yet smart with its policies and offerings in order to weather the storm.

What We Discuss

  • Having a CX game plan in a crisis
  • Treating every customer like a VIP customer
  • What COVID-19 is teaching us about the importance of customer experience

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