By John Surdakowski,
Nov 17, 2012

Contracts For Freelance Web Designers

Contracts For Freelance Web Designers

Creating contracts for freelance web designers is always a bit of a chore. We don’t have the funds to hire lawyers all the time. Plus we need something scaleable, that can be used for multiple clients and projects.

It’s very important to have a document that explains the project scope, and protects the designer. We also need something that will set guidelines with the client, and protect them as well.

Recently I’ve been using Docracy. This is a GREAT resource. All of the contracts and documents are free to use. You can edit them any way that you want, and send them to your client for signing, right from the website.

Contracts For Freelance Web Designers

The only downside, is that when the client receives the document, they will need to sign up for Docracy. Which is not a BIG problem. But I feel it is something clients are not used to, and can be confusing. But there is a way around that. Docracy lets you download the document as a PDF or DOC file.

Normally, I take the document that I want, paste it into an editor of choice, then export as a PDF. Signing it digitally, with Adobe. It’s a very painless process, and it looks super professional.

Here are a few that I found useful

Website + Identity Design Contract
Contract of Works for Web Design
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

Check out Docracy, and let me know what you think.