By John Surdakowski,
Oct 30, 2019

Contentful + Avex

Contentful + Avex

We would like to take this time to proudly introduce our new partner, Contentful. Contentful is a smarter, seamless content management system, with an API-first infrastructure. Their customer list consists of top brands such as Lyft, Urban Outfitters, Nike and more. We are a strong believer in using the latest and greatest technologies to produce extraordinary results for our clients. This strategic partnership assists with the growth of our agency, as well as the growth of the brands we partner with. As we become experts in the field of headless eCommerce, we have decided to partner with Contentful as a tool to ensure our client’s success.

“We love partnering with other companies who are at the forefront of technology. Headless Content Management and Headless eCommerce are extremely interesting to us and our clients. Our goals are to always provide the best possible solutions to the brands we work with, as well as stay ahead of technology, content, and design. Our partnership with Contentful will help us achieve these goals. Avex plans to work very closely with Contentful, as well as our other partners, such as Shopify Plus and Yotpo.”

                                                                                            – John Surdakowski CEO & Founder, Avex

With a decoupled content management infrastructure, we can deliver products faster, with quicker load times and the capability of publishing content across platforms without coding restrictions. Contentful gives us the flexibility of creating our own content model and our clients the freedom to be as creative as they want to be without losing quality. 

We are currently taking the time to learn the ins and out of Contentful to provide this as a service to our clients. We understand how beneficial this product can be for corporations with robust content and creativity. Are you ready for Contentful?