By John Surdakowski,
Oct 3, 2013

Best Responsive Websites October 2013

I do a lot of web browsing (we all do). Mostly to look at websites for inspiration and other stuff… But let’s stick to the web inspiration for now. These are some of the best responsive websites October 2013, that I’ve recently found and I’m going to try to post every week / month, sharing some inspiration.

Best Responsive websites October 2013

Gravity The Movie

Although, not responsive down to mobile phones, the Gravity website is very fluid, expanding to fit giant monitors. The full screen HTML5 video is really cool too.

Cinnamon Toast – Creative

A very cool, responsive website, with some stop motion type video in the background.

Bold and Noble

A very clean, responsive e-commerce website. Almost has a “Shopify” type of style. Super flexible and very minimal.


Minimal, sleek and sexy. A very cool responsive website for a Design & Fashion company, using HTML5 video.


House – Fall Collection

A very trendy website, but a great experience. It has all the web trends you can ask for. Parallax, full screen video, and responsive design. It’s a fun website, and its for a fashion company, so you can’t blame them for using all these trending “features” – Although, I don’t know whose idea it was to allow auto-play audio.