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Dec 23, 2016

3 Quick SEO Tips for 2017

3 Quick SEO Tips for 2017

Our 3 Quick SEO Tips for 2017

Search engine optimization and content marketing should be large part of your business. According to an IBM Digital Experience Survey, 56% of marketers believe that content, when tailored to customer traits, promotes higher engagement rates. And since good SEO is all about the content that you’re producing, more focus on SEO means more engagement, which leads to more leads and most importantly, more sales! We’re always trying to share tips and tutorials on how to increase your businesses visibility. This article is brief and meant to provide a few quick SEO tips for 2017.

The Reality of SEO in 2017 and Beyond

Even though search engine optimization is always changing, a lot of business people like to cling to old ideas about Google, Yahoo, and Bing… especially if they’ve had success climbing the search rankings in the past.

Slowly but surely, however, web designers and their clients everywhere are starting to settle into the new reality of SEO in 2017 and beyond: it’s all about micro concepts and niche marketing.

Going “big” with keywords and links doesn’t often work anymore. Instead, marketers are needing to focus on longer keyword strings, tighter geographic areas, and specific buyer types. There are more searchers, and more search results, than ever before – trying to bring any and all buyers to your website is getting harder, and just puts you into competition with more websites.

If you want to succeed in SEO, know what your business is about and whom your website is for, focus on the keywords and customers that make the most sense for your company, and you’ll stay one step ahead of the competition — not to mention Google’s next algorithm change.

3 Quick SEO Tips for 2017 - Google

How to Get More Customers From Google in 5 Minutes

Most so-called “quick fixes” in search engine optimization do little more than waste your time. But once in a while you come across an idea that actually works without taking up a lot of your time and effort.

Here is one you can put to good use right away: for all the important search keywords on your website, add a geographical element (like the name of your city or neighborhood).

More and more, searchers are looking for local results – and Google and the other search engines are including geographic factors in their search algorithms whether searchers use a location-based keyword or not.

The net effect is that it’s easier than ever to have buyers find you online if they live or work close to your business. And optimizing your website for this kind of search traffic only takes a few minutes!

One Underrated Piece of SEO Advice

Lots of people have what they consider to be “secret weapons” of search engine optimization. For some, it’s using keywords in certain places on a page, or looking for the exact percentage of search terms that will yield the highest results; for others, it might be a particular kind of page title or metadata.

Some of these ideas are more useful than others, but what often gets lost in this kind of thinking is that there is a piece of underrated SEO advice that any business can follow: just be consistent in your approach over time.

Good search marketing almost always takes a while, especially if you have other competitors who have a head start over you in terms of a prime search position. Trying to do everything at once, or find the “secret” to SEO is more likely to hurt your efforts and help them.

If you know who your customers are, which keywords they use, and how to use those search terms on your pages and blog posts, you have everything you need to help customers find you.

We hope these 3 quick SEO tips for 2017 will help optimize you’re current search and marketing efforts. If you have some other SEO tips, let us know int he comments below.