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We’re a team of strategists, designers, technologists, and creators laser focused on your brand’s growth.

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Why Choose Avex?

Vendors? Nope. Save that term for the company who provides office supplies. We’re specialists and experts in e-commerce, design, customer experience, web development, and growth optimization. We’re your partner, and we align with your business goals to provide real, measurable results.


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What We Do

When lifestyle brands want to scale, they look to Avex for e-commerce support. As one of the top Shopify Plus agencies in NYC, we design, build & optimize e-commerce stores for high-growth brands.

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Our Values

We believe that in-order to help our clients achieve massive success and reach their goals, we need to put the customer experience first.

Looking at who your visitors are and what is most important to them makes the decisions around design, technology, and content immensely easier and more impactful. Identifying and evaluating technology platforms that align with internal business processes are equally important as creating a seamless brand experience for your customers.

We don't sell hours. We sell value. We don’t just design and code. We plan, strategize, and consult on the best possible solutions to optimize your customers' experiences and foster your brand’s growth. No, we’re not going to make your logo bigger, and we don’t make things “pop." However, we will make your mission our mission and use our expertise to meet and exceed your goals.

Our Team

john surdakowski
alien icon

To this day, I am deathly scared of E.T. For some people, he is a cute alien from a movie. To me, he will always haunt my nightmares.

John Surdakowski

Founder, CEO
morgan curschman
movie clapper icon

When I was 13, I played the love of young Jimmy Fallon’s life in a movie. Rumor has it - he’s still not over me.

Morgan Curschman

Director of Operations
nataliya verkhoturtseva
chinese tower icon

My sophomore year, I was so inspired by the incredible economic growth in China that I almost became a foreign trade relations officer.

Nataliya Verkhoturtseva

Senior Designer
isaac alvarez
weed leaf icon

I worked in a medical marijuana grow facility when I lived in Colorado.

Isaac Alvarez

Senior Developer
nicole murray
world globe icon

I lived in Tokyo and Mexico City.

Nicole A. Murray

Project Manager
barrett kowalsky
food truck icon

I used to work on a Vietnamese food truck in Boston.

Barrett Kowalsky

Project Manager
david anzalone
lightsaber icon

Ever dreamt of being Thomas the Tank Engine with a lightsaber? I used to be in an online modding community for games running the id Tech 3 engine.

David Anzalone

E-Commerce Strategist
Sheila Cheng
iphone with ramen noodle picture icon

My camera eats first.

Sheila Cheng

sung hong
music notes icon

Justin Bieber’s “That Should Be Me” is a top 5 song. No cap.

Sung Hong

Junior Developer
ashley kim
eiffel tower icon

I got through 4 months in Paris on “Je ne parle pas français.” Still made friends though.

Ashley Kim

Associate Strategist
aleksei shein
empire state building icon

I moved to the United States without knowing the language and lived in the Bronx.

Aleksei Shein

Junior Designer
mickey the dog
tennis ball icon

I don’t know how to play fetch.


Chief of Cuteness

People & Culture

Located in NYC, our team is extremely passionate about e-commerce, technology, and design, but we’re so much more than that.

We’re musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, animal lovers, and foodies. We’re fashionistas and geeks. We’re clean cut and tattooed. We’re Netflix binge watchers and deep thinkers. We’re also very much like you and your customers. We’re people.

In a world of screens and devices, we need to remember that these interactions can and should be personal. From our initial conversations to our post-launch support, you’ll always be dealing with people who care about you and your brand.

We believe that our work should not only produce amazing results for our clients but should also be fun and rewarding. Avex believes in a strong work-life balance, not just churning out projects. The happier our team is, the more enjoyable the experience is, and the better the results will be for your brand.


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