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We’re a team of strategists, designers, technologists, and creators, laser focused on your brand’s growth.

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Why Choose Avex?

Vendors? Nope. Save that term for the company who provides office supplies. We’re specialists and experts in e-commerce, design, customer experience, web development, and growth optimization. We’re your partner, and we align with your business goals to provide real, measurable results.


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Our Team

john surdakowski
alien icon

To this day, I am deathly scared of E.T. For some people, he is a cute alien from a movie. To me, he will always haunt my nightmares.

John Surdakowski

Founder, CEO
morgan curschman
movie clapper icon

When I was 13, I played the love of young Jimmy Fallon’s life in a movie. Rumor has it - he’s still not over me.

Morgan Curschman

Director of Operations

I’m bilingual and can speak Russian fluently!

Veronica Gelman

Director of Client Services
barrett kowalsky
food truck icon

I used to work on a Vietnamese food truck in Boston.

Barrett Kowalsky

Senior Project Manager
nicole murray
world globe icon

I lived in Tokyo and Mexico City.

Nicole A. Murray

Senior Solution Architect

I’m a Belgian who’s not particularly fond of beer but who’ll do anything for a piece of Belgian chocolate!

Valentine Coget

Senior Project Manager
david anzalone
lightsaber icon

Ever dreamt of being Thomas the Tank Engine with a lightsaber? I used to be in an online modding community for games running the id Tech 3 engine.

David Anzalone

Principal Strategist
Sheila Cheng
iphone with ramen noodle picture icon

My camera eats first.

Sheila Cheng

Senior Designer
isaac alvarez
weed leaf icon

I worked in a medical marijuana grow facility when I lived in Colorado.

Isaac Alvarez

Senior Developer

When my family gets together for Thanksgiving it's over 70 people... I'm not kidding.

Morgan Mulloy

Associate Director of Email Marketing

I live around the corner from Tony Soprano’s house & I eat pasta or pizza every day.

Cristina DeStefano

Growth Manager

I was named after the pink power ranger from the 90's show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Kim Perez

Project Manager

I love living in the city of Seattle, with its often frequently overcast skies, good food and coffee shops and it doesn’t rain as much as you’ve heard.

Shirly Shemesh

Program Manager

I once accidentally starred on a popular Greek comedy series. I’m still waiting on my Emmy though.

Alex Hristopoulos

Program Manager

I started golfing during quarantine, and despite being terrible, I love playing and consider myself and avid golfer now.

Catherine Erath

Design Director

I collect tarot cards and memes.

Anesis Kim

Senior Designer

I'm an avid music listener. So far, I've been to 24 concerts and 7 music festivals.

Sarah Huong


During the quarantine, I became a gift basket maker, mini interior designer, and expert taquero!

Sonam Sewnauth

Email Marketing Specialist

I'm a certified yoga teacher.

Natalie Sullivan

Email Marketing Manager

My most fun fact and biggest life accomplishment is that I am a triplet. I'm the oldest, by the way, It's still important to note, even though it's only by one minute.

Holly Kuldell

Marketing Assistant

Swimming pools terrify me.

Zachary Lee

Senior Developer

I used to compete in an Amateur Bodybuilding show.

Sanjar Sobirjonov

Senior Developer

I lived in 3 countries, studied in 7 schools and was taught 5 different languages.

Kobi Umarbekov

Senior Developer
mickey the dog
tennis ball icon

I don’t know how to play fetch.


Chief of Cuteness

I've swallowed a corn cob... twice.

Delilah Mae

Chief of Sass

People & Culture

Located in NYC, our team is extremely passionate about e-commerce, technology, and design, but we’re so much more than that.

We’re musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, animal lovers, and foodies. We’re fashionistas and geeks. We’re clean cut and tattooed. We’re Netflix binge watchers and deep thinkers. We’re also very much like you and your customers. We’re people.

In a world of screens and devices, we need to remember that these interactions can and should be personal. From our initial conversations to our post-launch support, you’ll always be dealing with people who care about you and your brand.

We don't sell hours. We sell value. We don’t just design and code. We plan, strategize, and consult on the best possible solutions to optimize your customers' experiences and foster your brand’s growth. No, we’re not going to make your logo bigger, and we don’t make things “pop." However, we will make your mission our mission and use our expertise to meet and exceed your goals.

We believe that our work should not only produce amazing results for our clients but should also be fun and rewarding. Avex believes in a strong work-life balance, not just churning out projects. The happier our team is, the more enjoyable the experience is, and the better the results will be for your brand.

avex team member doing strategic planning
members of avex team reviewing web development updates

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Avex is always looking for top talent to join our team. If you're interested in taking on challenging projects, working remotley, flexible hours and collaborating with global brands, reach out to us.

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