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About the Project

Sverve (formerly HashTip) is a social commerce network where moms share tips on kids products, services, activities, and deals. Avex was asked to help craft the overall user-experience including designing the desktop website and iOS application. HashTip did not want us to just “push pixels around”, they wanted Avex to be involved in the entire process as well. We helped to define the brand’s online presence.

The company later changed their name and we helped them rebrand and re-align. They now have a huge network of influencers, helping brands connection with their customers. This is a great start-up, and we are continuing to work with them to refine the service more and more everyday. Sverve was featured on INC – 5 Innovative Business Technologies From CES, as well as Venture Beat, PR Week and many many more.

Helping Brands Connect

Avex created the design mockups as well as the wireframes and prototypes for sverve’s initial iOS app. We focused on the products and gave influencers the tools to share brands that they love.

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The Details


We needed to create a simple and easy to use navigation for the iOS application. Giving influencers the tools to create new “Tips” on the fly.

Gamification in Design

Users received badges for creating useful tips. By utilizing gamification, we helped to reward the user.


Powering Social Consumer Activation. If you’re an influencer or a brand representative, Sverve might be what you’re looking for.