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UX Design, UI Design, Front-end Development
UX Design, UI Design, Front-end Development
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About the Project

Edivv has been a great client for the past year. We worked with them to craft a beautiful user-experience for their service. The company helps customers who are looking to trade beauty samples, and connects them. It’s a really unique start-up and partnering with them has been a great experience.

Avex was responsible for wireframes, prototyping, design mockups, creative direction and frontend development. We worked closely with eDivv to build this product from the ground up. We also consulted during the backend development to ensure the design and experience remained consistent. We are still working with eDivv to improve the user-experience and design of the website and app.

Responsive Design

We decided to approach this product as a responsive web application, instead of a native app. This helped the client stay within budget, while testing their target audience and their usage. People can visit eDivv on any device. From desktops to mobile phones, tablets and TVs. Our goal was to make sure every person was able to view and trade products seamlessly.

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Since the idea of trading beauty samples was new and unique, it required a slightly different experience. We prototyped and designed various solutions to help people seamlessly trade their products.

Custom Iconography

We created custom icons throughout the website and application to help people better understand eDivv’s service