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About the Project

DataHug needed a completely new website to help market their awesome products. We were tasked with designing a website that would target the company’s core audience as well as establish them in the market. We wanted to focus on the services they offer, in a clear and easy to digest way.

We started with style tiles to get a better understanding of what our client was looking for. from there we made  revisions and iterations until both Avex and DataHug were both happy.

Focus on Conversions

Beyond the fun colors and clean typography, our main goal was to help DataHug turn visitors into customers. The flow of the websites helps to inform users about the product and services, while providing clear call-to-actions to help them learn more or contact the sales department.

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Design & Development

Responsive Design

In this day and age, responsive design is the go-to solution for cross device compatibility. We wanted to make sure the site looked great on ALL devices. From desktops, laptops, mobile, tablets and whatever is in between. We wanted to make sure all of the content was displayed for the user to consume, regardless of the device.

Content Types

We designed various different content types which are used throughout the entire website. Rather than designing “pages”, we focused on designing elements. These elements can be reused in new sections without having to design a new piece of content every time.


We love designing icons, as long as they help the user understand the content. The icons for DataHug are informative and help certain elements standout.