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Amazon Stores Explained

Amazon Stores Explained

One of the greatest things about Amazon as a company is that they’re always listening to customers and looking for ways to improve their experience.  This can sometimes mean more work for businesses selling their wares through Amazon’s platform, but often, upgrades are in the best interest of consumers and businesses alike, and brands that take advantage have the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and get the jump on competitors.

How Small E-Commerce Brands can Compete with Retail Giants

Today it is impossible to talk about growing an e-commerce business without mentioning Amazon and other big brands and retailers. Many small e-commerce brands are convinced that working with Amazon or some other large company has to be a part of their business. When Amazon introduces a similar product, their sales often drop and they […]

How to Increase Online Sales for your
E-commerce Brand

Everything you do to increase online sales on your e-commerce website costs you money. The costs may be direct: you may be paying for Google AdWords or Facebook ads. You may also be paying to create great content for your Facebook page and blog. Then, you get traffic because people are clicking on the links. […]

The Effect of Digital Wallets

What Are Digital Wallets And What’s New About Them? A virtual wallet or a digital wallet is a relatively new term. It describes software that provides users with a virtual replacement for paper money. Such software is always protected and encrypted. Digital wallets contain information that allows it to access cash, credit card accounts and […]

How to Become an Influential Brand

You may have an e-commerce store that is doing well. You’ve created or sourced products that you know your customer want or need. When you look around, you see that celebrities and influencers sell a lot of products , but you don’t see how to apply what they are doing to your brand. If you […]

Best SEO resources – how to learn SEO

Unless you deal in big business, it can be hard to hire an SEO professional of a high enough quality to ensure top search engine rankings for your company. Whether due to a minimal amount of available funds, or a DIY lease on life, a company may decide to try to learn SEO as they implement tactics. Small business owners and startups come to mind as the parties most likely to benefit from a self-education in SEO. 

Luxury Content Marketing

Luxury Content Marketing

Our modern era is increasingly characterized by global interaction. For this reason, many luxury brands now have to figure out marketing campaigns for a variety of different demographics. One of the most ingenious means of accomplishing such a feat is through the incorporation of a compelling story that creates a direct connection between buyers and […]

Which E-Commerce Platform is Right for You: Shopify vs Magento

When selling products or services on the Internet, you never operate in a vacuum. If your customers and prospects find you using search engines such as Google and Bing, it is very likely that they have not just one, but several tabs open in their browsers and are comparing you and your products and services to your competition.

Content Marketing

Why Most Businesses Fail with Content Marketing

Ever since Google launched their Panda and Penguin algorithms (in 2011 and 2012, respectively), businesses operating in the online arena have had to change their strategy and content marketing approach.  With these algorithms, the search engine giant made a statement about acceptable behavior for earning search rankings.  No longer would gaining rank through any means […]

Mobile E-commerce Trends

For years now, people have been ditching the brick and mortar stores to buy everything they need online. E-Commerce makes it easy for people to buy clothing, electronics, or even groceries right from your home. But with smart phones now people are using their desktops less, preferring to use their iPhones, Galaxies, or Androids throughout the day. This means merchants need to change the way they approach e-commerce. With mobile e-commerce expected to continue to grow retailers must optimize their mobile shopping experiences.

Social Media Product Placement

The Science of Social Media Product Placement

Product placement is nothing new. All you have to do is refer to the movies to see stars using beauty products, drinking soda (label out), and wearing garments (and name-dropping designers) in a bid to raise public interest in the brand. Here we will dive deeper into Social Media Product Placement.

10 Best Shopify Stores For 2017

Carbon Beauty The moving images and text when you scroll through the page is an interesting design that you don’t often see. The page transitions to when you click on a product are seamless and beautiful. Carbon beauty is number one on our 10 Best Shopify Stores list. Allbirds High resolution wide imagery along with video and […]

Amazon A+ Content

All about Amazon A+ Content

If you’ve got a store on Amazon, chances are that you’ve heard of Amazon A+ content or Enhanced Brand Content. Chances are equally high that you might not know what it is. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn about what Amazon A+ content is, how it benefits Amazon sellers, and which brands […]

building your personal brand

Tips For Building Your Personal Brand

At the end of August 1997, Tom Peters introduced the idea of building your personal brand in Fast Company magazine. He pointed out that every company had a brand, and that it influenced the way consumers saw those firms. Peters argued that every person had a brand, too. Every employee or entrepreneur has something that sets him or her apart from the competition.

3 Lesser-Known SEO Tips Marketers Should Use

Even the most oblivious SEO noobs already know about the importance of finding the right keywords to try and rank for, doing some on-site SEO and being smart about guest posting. However, SEO is much more than that and even people who have been in the industry for a while can learn a new trick or two if they know where to look. Today, we are making this article the place to look, featuring a couple of lesser-known SEO tips that can help marketers take their efforts to a new level.

Interesting facts about snapchat

20 Interesting Facts About Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media networks in the world, second only to Facebook. The social platform has over 158 daily active users and is growing more and more each day. Some of these statistics are pretty interesting, especially for brands that are using Snapchat for business.  To help visualize these stats a little […]

Best Social Media management tools

10 Best Social Media Management Tools For 2017

How much time do you spend every day at your desk managing social media? You don’t have to be sitting down at your computer – you could be using your tablet or smartphone to schedule social media posts. Not sure what the best social media management tools are? Don’t worry – this post has you covered. Read on to learn more about these great social media management tools for 2017

How Brands Can Leverage User Generated Content

How Brands Can Leverage User Generated Content This is an era of advertising. Brands left and right hold seminars and conferences on how to break through the clutter and entice new customers and clients to open up their wallets and spend to their heart’s content. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. Marketing efforts […]