Retail Experience Design

Bringing digital into the real world
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Amazing digital experiences for retail locations

Avex partners with brands online as well as in-store via digital retail activations. We provide custom retail experience design solutions for brands that want to combine in-store and online experience for their customers. From digital displays and POS to branded music curation, mobile app development and touchscreen experiences.

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Interactive Customer Experience

What we do

We partner with brands to enhance their customer and retail experience design. Our in-store apps allow brands to provide a tailored experience for their customers. These interactive tools can assist sales reps and help customers make more informed buying decisions. By syncing with their online store and content management systems, product information and marketing materials are available across multiple platforms.

Enhancing Point Of Sale

A better shopping experience

Retail experience design should be fluid and seamless across multiple platforms. From your brand’s website to the in-store sales process. Our websites will help you sync with in-store inventory, as well as provide customer and order history, allowing your sales reps to assist customers on a deeper level.

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How To Enhance The Retail Experience

There are many ways to enhance your brand’s retail and customer experience. The most important aspect is to make sure you are providing value to your customers. In-store tablets and apps should provide product information and enhance the overall shopping experience. Loyalty programs that sync with your POS and website, should act as an incentive for people to become repeat customers.


Part of creating a seamless and engaging retail experience is knowing who your customers are. By learning about their previous purchases, both online and offline, you can assist customers on a deeper level.

Services Include
  • Tablet Activations
  • Branded Music Curation
  • In-Store Branding
  • Retail Renderings
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Packaging Design
  • Loyalty Programs

Why Choose Avex?

How we can help

At Avex, we believe in partnering with our clients on a deeper level. We not only create amazing websites and Shopify stores, we aim to enhance your brand’s entire identity. Our experience in the digital space and partnering with fashion brands such as KITH, O.N.S. Clothing, Eugenia Kim and REIGN NYC, allows us to bring new ideas to the table, for both online and in-store experiences.

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Other Capabilities