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Mobile apps that empower your brand and engages your audience.

Our mobile app development solutions turn amazing user-experiences into real-world products. Avex utilizes new and emerging technologies to create prototypes and amazing apps for iOS, Android, and mobile web apps. We also offer services for creating engaging, in-store POS and retail experience with our mobile app solutions. Our team of multi-disciplinary engineers work side-by-side with project managers and creatives to produce amazing mobile solutions for our brands.

Services Include
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Progressive Mobile Web Apps
  • Mobile App Development Consulting
  • Mobile App User-Experience
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Developing A Mobile App

How We Do It

Connect and engage with your customers and increase brand awareness with mobile applications for iOS, Android and Web Apps. We focus on developing user-friendly mobile apps that look beautiful and help drive business growth. Our process involves creating wireframes, prototypes, mockup designs and emerging technology.

Our Development Process

  • Planning & Strategy: Our team crafts a mobile strategy and plan of action. We work closely with our clients to identify core functionality, user-experience, and target audience. We create wireframes and sitemaps to build a foundation for a successful mobile application.
  • Design & User-Experience: Our team of designers create stunning mockup designs that are on-brand and focused on increasing your digital presence.
  • Prototyping: After the design phase, we load the designs into a prototyping software, allowing you to preview the user-experience and interactions, prior to development.
  • Interaction Design: Mobile app development is not only about design and coding a beautiful application. We focus on how the user will interaction with the product and improve upon that experience This includes creating interactive elements and transitions, following best practices in human interface design.
  • Mobile App Development: Our team of engineers work closely with designers and project managers, in an agile approach to coding.
  • Launch & Support: Avex will work with you to launch your mobile app on Apple and Google app stores. This includes creating icons, assets and assisting with the submission process.

What makes a great Mobile App?

What We Do

There are many factors that are involved in the mobile app development process. All brands are different and every mobile app is unique. Our approach involves identifying how a mobile app will increase brand awareness and how we can utilize this new platform to drive business growth.

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  • Platform & Operating Systems: What operating system should we focus on? Our developers will help identify the best platform you should focus on to reach your audience. We need to decide if Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android platform is the best solution. Or, we may suggest a mobile web app, which can be viewed in browser, without the need for downloading and installing on the user’s device. Regardless of the platform, we’re here to guide you and consult on the best possible solution.
  • Seamless Mobile App UX: The user-experience aspects of mobile app development is imperative to the success of your business. Having a frustrating user-experience can be detrimental. We put a strong focus on wireframes and prototyping, prior to coding, to ensure a stellar experience for your customers.
  • Technology & Best Practices: If users are going to install your brand’s mobile app on their devices, we need to make sure we are creating not only a valuable product but also something that does not drain battery life and slow down their phone. Our developers use emerging technology to create functional and usable mobile applications, following best practice in mobile app development.
  • QA & Testing: The mobile app development process has many working parts. We want to make sure your app is free of bugs and provides an amazing user-experience. Our QA team tests and debugs mobile apps, prior to launching on the app store.
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Native Vs Web App

The best solution

What is the best solution for your brand? Native apps are mobile apps that are developed for a specific platform, such as iOS or Android. Mobile Web Apps are developed to work in any mobile browser. The difference is that native apps are installed on the user’s device, while mobile web apps do not need to be installed. Web Apps are viewed in the mobile web browser and are coded using web technology such as HTML5 and mobile development frameworks. We will work with your team to identify the best solution for your brand.

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