eCommerce For a Generation

WordPress, Shopify, Branding UI & UX Design


The H2O Generation’s classic retro boards and paddles are handmade from materials of the upmost quality. We wanted to capture an almost rustic, earthy, surfer feel, but still stay modern. Just like H2O’s boards, this website may look retro, but the technology behind it is not. We used HTML5 and CSS3 to get some really nice effects. As well as WordPress custom post types, Google’s API for the store locator, a blog, and profile pages for each employee. Shopify was used to develop the ecommerce portion.

We also worked on the companies branding and logo. Utilizing textures and custom typography, we created a logo which is used on all the brands products and merchandise. We helped give H2O the style they were looking for both online and in-store. We hope they love what we created as much as we love their products.

all about the brand

The H2O Generation retro products will bring you back to Southern California and the old-school surfing era. The brand is very in touch with their 1950’s and 60’s roots. And we wanted to help show that through the design.

The Process

When creating the logo, we started with rough sketches and mockups. We then tried different types of layers and textures to give The H2O Generation logo a vintage and authentic feel.

A Brand Experience

The logo we created for The H2O Generation can be seen on all of the brand's merchandise and products. It's great to see our work in the wild and on the water!

The H2O Experience

Bringing The H2O Generation to life, we used HTMl5, CSS3 and WordPress for a content management system. After we launched the initial website, we were tasked with adding an e-commerce portion, which we used Shopify for.


We needed to give the website a rustic and vintage feel, while still remaining modern. We designed custom wood textures and patterns with a "1960's" feel.

User Experience

The H2O Generation wanted us to give their customers plenty of options and information about the company. from a store locator using Google's API to individual member profiles. It's very easy to get to know the company.

A unique experience

The H20 Generation was one of our first clients and it's great working with them to this day.

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