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About The Brand

Pony is an American brand of footwear and other clothing, founded in 1972 on Madison Avenue in New York. Avex worked with PONY and their parent company, Iconix Brand Group, to design and development a new digital conversion platform, in the form of a Magento E-Commerce Website.

The website was in desperate need of a shift in user-experience and design, as well as a completely new backend system. After taking this project to launch, the brand saw a drastic increase in online sales and traffic.

An Intuitive Shopping Experience

Our goal was to create a minimal experience, providing the user with the necessary elements to browse and purchase with ease.


Filters and swatches were created to give the users control over their shopping experience.


Over 50% of PONY's users were on mobile. We took a mobile-first approach when designing the website, paying special attention to the touch screen experience.

Launching A Classic

Planning, sketching and prototyping was all part of the process. Coupled with HTML5, CSS3 and a Mageto CMS, we brought this project to launch in 2015.

The PONY Experience

A minimal shopping experience and seamless checkout process. We made it easy for users to view large product photos and checkout easily.

Classic Brand

PONY stays true to their classic styles and have seen a huge spike in sales both online and in-store. Shop PONY now!

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