Branding, Style Guide, 3D Store Concept, Positioning

About The Brand

The fashion retail landscape is forever changing. Currently, there is no fixed retail location which combines the influence of footwear on the current luxury apparel market, delivered through a new age retail model. Oeuvre’s goal is to tap a new generation of luxury consumers with a next generation, high-tech, retail model and innovative product mix.

Avex worked with Oeuvre’s founder to not only create the brand’s logo, but also develop brand guidelines, pitch decks and even 3D renderings for the interior of the retail location. The OE symbol is a reference to the ligature in the French spelling of the word, hearkening to the historical meaning of oeuvre (or life’s work).

Store Renderings

Avex worked with 3D artists to create a store rendering that would fit the new brand. The vision was to create a contemporary retail location with a mix of digital. Customers can place orders using iPads and explore different activation areas.

Print Guidelines

Included in our brand and style guidelines were suggestions for various print ads, photography and logo placements. This full page design utilizes high-impact, grayscale photography with a simple tagline to create an impactful and timeless ad.

Brand Guidelines

The official brand palette of Oeuvre is completely grayscale. Variations of gray can be used alongside black and white to create visual contrast, but any other saturated color should not be used in any brand materials. The logo can be used in either white or black, but should not be used in a shade of gray or any other color.

A unique experience

The goal of this project was to create a unique brand and seamless customer experience.