Referrals reinvented

User Experience Design, Development & Marketing for this Start-up

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About The Project

LocalMaven is a unique online platform and mobile app that seamlessly tracks the giving and receiving of word-of mouth referrals. Avex Designs helped to develop the brand’s identity, as well as the user-experience for the web and mobile application. We also designed and developed the responsive, WordPress website, giving Local Maven the tools to market their product.

We continue to work with Local Maven to help promote their product in news ways. From user-experience enhancements to creating marketing and print assets, we love helping our clients take their products and services to the next level.

Designing for people

Our main focus was to help people connect.

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The Process

Sketching, prototyping, wire-framing and testing. We helped to build the Local Maven brand and service from scratch. Through trial and error as well as feedback from our client, we hand crafted a completely custom online presence for Local Maven.

Responsive Design & Mobile

Does a website need to be responsive. The answer is almost always YES. In this case, we took a responsive approach for the marketing website, while designing a separate mobile application for the client's actual product.

Telling The Local Maven Story

Each element was custom created for Local Maven, down to even small detail.

Local Maven Chart


We created custom illustrations and infographics to help explain the service and it's benefits. Easy to scan content and clear call-to-actions help users who are skimming through.

Local Maven Icons

Custom Iconography

We crafted custom icons to help users understand various sections for the marketing website, as well as the application.

Local Maven Login Screen

No frills User-Interface

Local Maven's product needed to be clean and simple. We did not want the design to get in the way of what the user came to. Instead, the design needed to support the user's intentions. A simple and clean UI, with a flexible grid.

Launch Site