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About KITH

Established in 2011, KITH operates on two planes – a multifunctional lifestyle brand for both men and women, and a progressive retail establishment.┬áKITH was founded by Ronnie Fieg, a prominent figure in the footwear industry, who has over twenty years of hands-on experience.

Avex partnered with KITH to design their all new eCommerce website, powered by Shopify. The website was completely re-designed from the group up. Avex provided creative direction, mockups, guidelines and mobile design direction for the new website.

Focus on Photography

The team at KITH loves to showcase their products with large, high-resolution photos. We gave them the tools to do so on their website like they never could before. For the look books, blog and product pages, KITH's products now have the home they deserve.


KITH partners with amazing celebrities and brands such as NIKE, Rugrats and even some AVEX's past clientele, Pony Sneakers. The website allows for various sections to showcase these partnerships and collaborations.

A seamless experience

The shopping experience on KITH needed to be as seamless as in the in-store experience. An intuitive interface a allows users to view, share, explore and purchase products, from any device.


The KITH website is fully responsive for all devices. We paid close attention to the mobile details, since the customer base primarily uses their mobile devices to engage with KITH.

Step your fashion game up!

The KITH website is now live. Check it out now.

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