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Artful Dodger

About The Brand

The Artful Dodger brand is positioned to be the alternative to everything that currently exists in the marketplace and therefore attracts a guy who is predisposed to being untraditional.

Avex partnered with Artful Dodger to create a minimal responsive website to showcase the brand’s look books and history. UtilizingĀ a mobile-first approach and large photography, the goal of the website was to help raise brand awareness.


We used high-resolution, full-width photos to help tell the brand's story and showcase the new clothing line.

Responsive For All Devices

The website was built with a mobile-first approach, while still creating an impactful and intuitive desktop and tablet experience.

Consistently reinventing

Much like the character, the brand goes against the grain and is consistently reinventing itself. The Artful Dodger is rich in history as a 19th century rogue who rejects modern society and finds a way to attain wealth. Our brand is a modern adaptation of that cutting edge energy.

Artful Dodger
Artful Dodger

Artful Dodger

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