Weekly Recap 2: Future of Commerce, NFTs, and Klaviyo Platinum

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by: Holly Kuldell01/19/2022

Quick Summary This week, John talks about Shopify's Future of Commerce report for 2022, Yotpo's new collection of NFTs, and our upgrade to becoming a Klaviyo Platinum Partner.

Below is the transcription from the third recap podcast episode, hosted by Avex Founder and CEO John Surdakowski. Subscribe to hear more episodes here

John 0:04 

Welcome to the Agency X podcast weekly roundup where I run through some quick updates about what's going on in eCommerce today. My name is John Surdakowski. I'm the founder at Avex, an eCommerce agency that builds and optimizes customer experiences for high growth brands. 

John 0:20

Shopify releases their future of commerce in 2022 report that covers rising acquisition costs, the death of third party cookies, and the rise of social commerce. Social Commerce really stood out to me in this report, because I've been looking more and more into the growing trend over the past few years, especially in China, where retail social commerce compared to the United States was about 10 times the amount. It was 351 billion in China and 36 billion in the US. In Southeast Asia, social media is the number one channel for discovery. $1 in $5 spent on online retail in Southeast Asia now happens through social media. So Shopify, live streaming, or live selling app installs have grown 61% globally between January 1 2021 And September 30 2021, compared to the same time period in 2020, I would highly recommend checking out the Future of Commerce report that Shopify puts out. It's really, it's really informative and has a lot of great trends in there. This was just one of a few different things that Shopify focused on.

John 1:35

Yotpo announces a new NFT project called Fabulous Flamingos Club. The NFT is a collection of handcrafted Flamingo NFTs, one of a kind digital collectibles made by Yotpo. Each token built on the Ethereum blockchain opens up a whole world of exclusive benefits for club members, says Yotpo. More and more brands are creating NFTs and capitalizing on the new technology and community around crypto. Adidas sold more than 22 million in NFTs. So it's proving to be really lucrative for brands. How long will the trend last? I don't know. In my opinion, the tech behind NFTs will be the future for digital property. I'm not sure in what capacity but the metaverse is coming and it's coming sooner than later. For now, I do think that we're headed towards some sort of a bubble with more and more NFT projects failing or being deployed by scammers.

John 2:33

Avex, our agency, is now Klaviyo platinum partners. We've been partnering with Klaviyo for a few years now hoping so helping to support some brands such as Enjoy Life, Fellow Products, Wolf and Shepherd, Tufted Needle and many others. We're continuing to build out our email marketing team. So check out our website avexdesigns.com for some open roles. We're actually hiring for numerous roles at Avex including sales, marketing, partnerships, creative and email marketing. Come join our team as we create some really fun stuff for amazing brands. This was your eCommerce roundup on the Agency X podcast, brought to you by Avex. Thank you and check back next week.

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