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9 Benefits of Shopify Plus
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9 Benefits of Shopify Plus

In 2016, Shopify Plus stores experienced sales growth of 126 percent, demonstrating that Shopify Plus is a stellar e-commerce tool which allows a brand to remain flexible, cost-efficient, and reliable. Shopify Plus provides autonomy and freedom to brands through unlimited bandwidth, reliable servers, and full payment compliance. This allows you, as a brand, to rely […]

Responsive design

Responsive Image Map

Recently, I was working on a project that needed a responsive image map. What the heck is that? I cannot remember the last time that I had a reason to create an image map, never mind a responsive image map. Whoa, remember image maps?? In my early days, when using Dreamweaver, I remember drawing image maps to link cropped images from Photoshop.

Design Inspiration

Best Responsive Websites January 2014

We all need some inspiration sometimes. Especially with responsive design. Here are some of the best responsive websites that have been inspiring me, in January 2014 so far. Some are based on aesthetic and some on technical ability. I tend to come across a lot of websites that look amazing, but have crazy long load times. Although these websites are very eye catching and impressive, I try not to condone this practice. Just because a websites looks great, doesn’t mean a user should have to wait 10 minutes for it to load, or use a certain browser.

Media Temple

New Media Temple Responsive Website

I’m loving the new Media Temple Responsive Website. Even though the design is pretty “flat”, it still has some depth to it, with obvious call-to-actions. The mobile navigation is pretty damn sexy, especially since it is multi-level. Some interesting decisions were made on mobile, which enhance the user’s experience and make the websites very “mobile friendly”


Responsive Images With CSS

There’s a lot of discussion in the web design community about responsive images. Every blog, including this one, as well as every conference from here to the Mississippi are talking about the problem and possible solutions. (I spelled Mississippi right the first time…No I didn’t) Personally, I would love to see a new image type […]


Best Grids for Responsive Design

Here are some of the best grids for responsive design. If you’re looking to streamline your work flow, or make your life easier. These grids will help even the busiest freelance web designer.

Responsive design

5 Best Responsive WordPress Themes 2012

Here are 5 Best Responsive WordPress Themes. Maybe not the best option for a custom site, but they can be used as a framework or starting point for your designs. Enjoy!

Smart TVs and what they mean for web design

Smart TVs and what they mean for web design

Ever try visiting a website using any of the major browsers available from your HDTV? If so, then I’m sure you’ve noticed, they’re all terrible. From PS3 to Xbox 360, to Internet enabled TVs, the user experience does not make sense at all. Attempting to click on a text link with that awkwardly large “mouse” pointer using the analog joystick, is painful to say the least. And the UI for most so called Smart TVs need drastic improvement.