By avex,
Dec 27, 2016

The Real Mobilegeddon Happened Last Year

The Real Mobilegeddon Happened Last Year

Much was made of Mobilegeddon last year, when Google started factoring mobile compatibility into certain search results. But while business owners and web designers were up in arms over the change, the fact of the matter is that the real mobile apocalypse happened the previous year.

Here’s why: at some point in 2014, mobile smart phone and tablet users became the majority online, and the realMobilegeddon started. That means it was already likely that more than half of your visitors are coming to your website via mobile devices even before Google reacted.

If you haven’t yet switched to responsive web design, or otherwise incorporated mobile functionality into your website, you’re not a few months behind the game, but more than a year!

If your website isn’t ranking in Google, then its very possible that a responsive website can help. Coupled with a content marketing plan, you can provide your users with an amazing experience and engaging content.