By John Surdakowski,
Jun 8, 2013

Custom Post Type Plugin WordPress

Custom Post Type Plugin

Until recently I have always created custom post types manually. Configuring them in the functions.php, which is not too difficult, but kind of time consuming. I figured I would try out a Google search for Custom Post Type Plugin WordPress. I discovered this cool plugin called Custom Post Type UI.

The website I have been working on recently called for a lot of different custom post types. We were on a tight deadline and really needed to crank them out quickly. This plugin really saved a ton of time. The plugin also helps to create custom taxonomy. Which is insanely easy and comes in very handy.

It is seriously the best Custom Post Type Plugin I have ever seen. Super straight forward and gets Custom Post Types created in a snap. I have no clue why I waited this long to check out this plugin.

The plugin even spits out the code for you to paste into your functions.php file, if you do not want the plugin to do it for you.

After that, you just need to set up your custom post type loop and you’re good to go.

Check out this awesome Custom Post Type Plugin here.