By John Surdakowski,
Jan 3, 2014

Avex Redesign in the Open

It seems as though everyone has been designing in the open now a days. Happy Cog’s Re-design of MozillaChris Coyer’s CSS Tricks Redesign – Even Starbucks published an entire pattern library – So did MailChimp.

I find the idea of designing in the open so amazing and important to the web community. Sharing knowledge, ideas, gathering feedback. There is really zero downside to any of this. That’s why I will be posting design updates and progress for the new Avex redesign, throughout the entire process.

Process & Goals

  • Design rough mockup/asthetic in Photoshop
  • Start markup and continued design in browser
  • Use SASS/Compass to keep the project clean & organized (first timer – SASS virgin)
  • Try out some new techniques
  • Be as future friendly as possible
  • Keep the whole “responsive images” thing contained (somewhat)
  • Launch without killing my search engine placement

Check out some of the first glimpses at the new design below and let me know what you think.

Note: These are only some rough ideas. As always, nothing is set in stone