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Apple Watch and the Future of e-Commerce

Years ago, when mobile apps were first starting to be developed, no one believed that mobile shopping would take off. According to the skeptics, the screen was too small, it was too hard to enter payment and shipping information via an app, and consumers would never adopt the behavior.


Top Web Design Trends of 2015

The year is almost over, but some clear web design trends have emerged. You might have already noticed that there are certain motifs in web design which have become more prominent. There’s a reason that certain designs have become popular this year.

Social e-Commerce

Social e-Commerce: What You Need to Know

This is probably a familiar scenario: you’re looking at Facebook or Instagram, and you notice a post from one of your friends which prominently features his latest purchase. Let’s say your friend Jack has just bought a pair of noise-cancelling wireless headphones….

Boost Sales Through SEO

SEO can be a daunting term. Every company wants to master it and boost sales through SEO, but few do. You want to make sure that your business is on the first page of the Google search results and that buyers are directed to your site when they search for things related to what you sell. But how do you do this in an effective way? SEO and conversion rate optimization can exponentially increase your traffic and sales, if done correctly. Here are a few tips on how to boost sales through SEO and drastically improve your visibility on Google.

Product Of New York

Product Of New York x Pony Sneakers

Recently we launched the new website, which will include a Magento powered, e-commerce store within the next few weeks. Currently, Product Of New York showcases the brand’s look books, life-style blog, Tumblr Feed and general information.

Best Investment Banking Websites 2014

Investment banks have never been known to have the most well designed websites on the web. The list below was not easy to put together. Some investment banking websites, although not necessarily “pretty”, do have good user-experience and well organized content.

Recently we’ve worked on a few investment banking websites. It was great to dive into a few projects that were out of our comfort zone.


Local Maven Website

I’m very happy to announce that is now live. We have been working with them on their brand development and user-experience design for their web application and marketing website. Avex also designed the company’s logo and print materials.

Responsive Image Map

Responsive Image Map

Recently, I was working on a project that needed a responsive image map. What the heck is that? I cannot remember the last time that I had a reason to create an image map, never mind a responsive image map. Whoa, remember image maps?? In my early days, when using Dreamweaver, I remember drawing image maps to link cropped images from Photoshop.


Designing In the Open

This is our second post about the new Avex Designs website. As I’ve mentioned before, we will be posting progress on the redesign, designing in the open, and showing our process for this internal project.

Best Responsive Websites January 2014

Best Responsive Websites January 2014

We all need some inspiration sometimes. Especially with responsive design. Here are some of the best responsive websites that have been inspiring me, in January 2014 so far.

Some are based on aesthetic and some on technical ability. I tend to come across a lot of websites that look amazing, but have crazy long load times. Although these websites are very eye catching and impressive, I try not to condone this practice. Just because a websites looks great, doesn’t mean a user should have to wait 10 minutes for it to load, or use a certain browser.

Should Progressive Enhancement Be “On-Demand”?

Is Progressive Enhancement an “on-demand” add-on? Or something we, as web developers, need to practice and included in the scope of a project? Progressive Enhancement – Hot Pot of Coffee! There are endless amounts of books, articles and entire conferences dedicated to Progressive Enhancement. Some web professionals call it a buzz word and some are […]

New Media Temple Responsive Website

I’m loving the new Media Temple Responsive Website. Even though the design is pretty “flat”, it still has some depth to it, with obvious call-to-actions. The mobile navigation is pretty damn sexy, especially since it is multi-level. Some interesting decisions were made on mobile, which enhance the user’s experience and make the websites very “mobile friendly”

Avex Redesign in the Open

It seems as though everyone has been designing in the open now a days. Happy Cog’s Re-design of Mozilla – Chris Coyer’s CSS Tricks Redesign – Even Starbucks published an entire pattern library – So did MailChimp. I find the idea of designing in the open so amazing and important to the web community. Sharing […]


2013 – So Far So Good

It’s been almost two years since I started out on my own (give or take.) After leaving my full-time position as lead developer for an advertising start-up in 2010, I was working at a few different companies as a “full-time temp.” I didn’t really consider this being out on my own, because well, I had […]