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Basecamp Project Management

Basecamp Project Management

About a year and a half ago I started to freelance from my home office more and more. Projects started piling up, and I needed a way to keep them organized. A simple Google search for “best project management tools for web designers” will almost always point to the almighty Basecamp. So I decided to give it a try. And for a while, it was great. Basecamp allowed me to keep my projects organized, to-do lists in check, and my team and clients in the loop. But I was not completely in love with the UI…Maybe I was crazy. I wouldn’t blame you for saying so.

Don’t get me wrong. It has always been a GREAT tool for anyone working within a team, or on projects with many tasks. But there was just a little too much clutter. So, I canceled my account. I also started working in-house at an ad-agency on Madison Ave, so my freelance time was drastically cut…Don’t hate, we all got to keep the lights on!

Now that I am back to being a non-conforming, renegade freelancer, I’ve decided to give Basecamp another shot. So I reactivated my account. And… “Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this…and totally redeem yourself!” Basecamp completley re-designed their entire application. And what a re-design it was.

The new Basecamp is stripped down to the essentials, without taking away functionality. The application is SO much easier to use and much more powerful. The simple interface is always great for your clients, who may not be so “internet savvy.”

Adding projects, to-do lists and new users couldn’t be easier. In fact, Basecamp seems to have taken some tips from Google+. The only downside is that there is not a mobile web app yet. Nor any type of native apps. The current iOS apps do not support the current version of Basecamp, and they have not released a new version of the API.

“Since 2004, hundreds of thousands of companies have used Basecamp to manage over 8,000,000 projects. Basecamp is the world’s most popular cloud-based project management and collaboration app.”

After seeing this HUGE improvement, I’ve decided that Basecamp will remain my project management tool of choice. Which is why I needed write this new basecamp review.

Check out some screen shots below. Or head over to for a free trial. 

Basecamp Screen Shot

Basecamp Screen Shot

  • I’ve tried to bring basecamp functionalities in a WordPress plugin:

  • I’ve tried to bring basecamp functionalities in a WordPress plugin:

  • Kevin Lacava

    Well, I tried using basecamp on one of the projects and none of my teammates bought into it. Maybe it was the corporate nature of the project, but I found that although I was willing to put the time in to understand the quirky interface, most people in my team weren’t. It was really difficult to change the milestones and if certain tasks depended on each other, and you missed a couple of things there was no way to re-arrange tasks etc. I’m glad I just used the free version of it and didn’t commit to it by purchasing a paid version.
    Then I came across proofhub ( It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Basecamp, but it’s got everything I need to keep myself organized and my remote team on track. I love it

  • Rose

    No doubt basecamp is a good tool but it has less features and is also costlier. So now I switched to proofhub which is best alternative to basecamp.

    • Jimmy

      Rose, I was a basecamp user but after your comment I also shifted to and saw there is a huge difference. Proofhub is actually a good tool.

  • JoshMeNow

    Are you still using Basecamp? Or have you upgraded to second generation project management like Bitrix24, Asana, Trello and others?